Ideating the Relevance of Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creativity can be perceived in many ways and I before had an entire different perception on the concept of creativity. It also depends on the perspective of the person on how/she views and values this idea. In my point of view, I always saw the term creativity as the ability to create, artistry on a specific field, as some may call it. I often associated this with doing sketches, designing, as well as crafts. Though my notion of creativity is not incorrect, I observed how it was approached differently by entrepreneurs inside the business world. The course of Creative Thinking and Innovation interactively tackles this and provided a lot of insights regarding it. I came to learn the similarities of the two, and that these concepts work hand in hand in order to develop inventive ideas.

The Untapped Potential of Creativity

As more entrepreneurial enterprises are being established today, we are slowly seeing the turning of a new leaf when it comes to the business industry. I believe that there is a repression in creativity in corporate organizations. More often than not the superiority often acts as more of a boss than a leader who should be motivating, as well as driving the team into success. Subduing creative thinking produces mindless workers with no means of thinking outside the box or being able to produce out of the ordinary ideas. These employees act of more as cash cows which can be detrimental to their development in their career. Creative thinking is what enforces change, it generates concepts and strategies which continually reshapes the way we do work. In present day, more people aspire to become entrepreneurs, a catalyst for change in the business world. Remodeling the business industry one step at a time, makes the world a better place to live in when you are running your business responsibly.


Overall, the course has fundamentally provided me with information that equips me to become a more creative thinker and a greater innovator. Throughout the lessons in the different modules, these lessons has struck me the most and has driven me to act in these specific ways. To whoever would be taking this course in the future, I suggest that you prepare yourself mentally, in order to absorb everything properly. There would be a lot of topics to be discussed but the process is very enjoyable as you learn through it. Be ready to challenge yourself as well as escape your comfort zone, as this course would try and hone your weaknesses. This course will motivate you to think critically, as well as instill habits that would be important for you in becoming your own entrepreneur. Take it with your heart, and you will surely see the results of your improvement thereafter.